Texas Longhorn History

No breed of cattle have such an interesting history as Texas Longhorns - this will help you understand the historical significance of the breed.

Texas Longhorn History

Texas Longhorns Australia Registration & Grading Plan

This will explain the breeding and grading up process of Longhorn cattle in Australia.

TLA Breeding and Registration

Texas Longhorn Breed Association Directory

The vast majority of the registered Longhorns Australia are registered with three breed associations based in Australia and the USA.

Texas Longhorn Breed Associations

Texas Longhorn Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions you may have about about owning and managing these cattle.

Texas Longhorn Frequently Asked Questions

 Texas Longhorn Breed Traits

Go to this page and check out the long list of traits that Longhorns are noted for with some being quite unique to the breed.

Texas Longhorn Breed Traits


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